Creating with Pixels - About Gudny and Sandy
Gudny Gudny Campbell has been teaching people how to use computers since 1984, and has taught adults and children how to apply innovative techniques, such as digital dign and fabric painting, to add interest to their quilts. She uses Adobe Photoshop Elements to design most of her quilts. Her quilts are included in several books ("Innovative Fabric Imagery for Quilts" and "Circle Play"). She also helps design pillows for her daughter's business. Evelyn Hope Collection Gudny worked for the Navy as a computer specialist until she retired in 2003, managing an Intranet, network and microcomputers for 300 users.
Sandy Sandra Hart has been teaching people how to print images onto fabric and incorporate these images into quilts since 1996. Most of her teaching experience was gained in California and Oregon quilt shops where she offered classes that lasted from several hours to several days and her traditional and computer-assisted quilts have been shown in numerous quilt shows. She is a Macintosh expert and has been using Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to create quilts since the mid-1990s. Sandy worked as a NASA scientist until her retirement in 2007.

We started collaborating in 2006.

We taught a 5-day Empty Spools seminar at Asilomar in 2007. We created a quilt to illustrate our class (Technology. A Quilter's best Friend) for the brochure in 3 days. It was our first collaboration, we worked separately Sandy on a Mac, Gudny on a PC,communicating by phone and email. A daunting challenge! Sandy created five vertical strips. blending images of Asilomar photographed over the years. Gudny selected three, positioned them on her enlarged photo of the coast, and added additional images on top. We taught several more workshops and gave lectures together. Spools
We wrote the article "Digital Delights: Appliqué and Piecing by Computer" published in the January 2008 issue of American Quilter which included our Flowers and Stars quilts. FlowersQuilts

In 2009 we co-wrote our book: Piecing with Pixels.

Events Our quilts have been shown at International Quilt Festival at Houston and Pacific International Quilt Festival and seen in quilting books and magazines.

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